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We provide the complete spectrum of engineering solutions making sure it is also suitable for the built environment.

IT Services

Providing consultancy, analysis and scoping to ensure you get what's right for you

Aerospace & Defence

Innoviz Limited holds a multidisciplinary Aero Space & Defence solution create the digital thread, which supports the flow of data throughout the product life cycle. From ideation and design to manufacturing and operations, we develop solutions that help accelerate digital transformation and streamline development.

  •  Advanced Avionics Solutions

  •  ERP solution

  •  Design Led Manufacturing

  •  Signature and Stealth techniques to additive
           manufacturing and materials intelligence

  •  Military Electronics


Automotive Engineering

The Innoviz Automotive practice accomplices with cutting edge car producers to apply prescient displaying driven experiences across business cycles. Our advanced environment installs maintainability into your venture: lean activities, item development and business readiness.

  •  Custom Turnkey ASIC solutions

  •  Establish complex automotive measures

  •  Enable far off learning at scale/ Upskilling workers

Construction & Heavy Engineering

The construction industry has its dynamics that demands a specific software niche to address its requirements. Unlike common projects, construction works right from home building to civil engineering must meet safety, regulatory and other industry standards that a construction software solution must address. Our technology-enabled software solutions help companies meet their executions, schedules, and profits.

  •  Custom Software Development

  •  Construction Mobility Solutions

  •  BYOD Services

  •  Predictive maintenance solutions

  •  Industrial Product Life Cycle Management


Network Engineering

Innoviz offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that help telcos transition from legacy to next-gen networks seamlessly. Our services enable CSPs to plan, design and manage both fixed-line and mobile networks efficiently. The Innoviz Communication Services practice offers network arrangements that meet the availability needs of computerized purchasers and undertakings. With Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) we are able to form a vigorous organization framework flawlessly.

  •  GIS-based physical inventory management solution

  •  Next-Gen Communications Service Providers (CSP)

  •  Deploy copper, fiber, and HFC

  •  Drone-based, and LiDAR site surveys

  •  Remote Commissioning and Configuration


Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering provides an opportunity for engineers and technologists to use their skills to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing human life. The discipline of better decisions: understanding possibility and maximising probability of success.

  •  Path to Biomedical Market Strategy and Audit

  •  Recognising Medical Couterfeits

  •  Pharmaceutical trends

  •  Immersion, Design, Evaluation, Acceleration of Equipments

  •  Advanced Accelerators and Incubators


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21 April 2021



Farmers carry more tools in their pockets than ever before. These aren’t items that belong in a toolbox. They’re apps on phones and tablets...


Trends and Scopes for Electronics

Electronics and Communication Engineering abbreviated as ECE is one of the major engineering field that is responsible for the development of electronic devices like Television, Computers...

August 2021



Transport is fundamental to the daily movement, trade and communication of people, organisations and goods across the globe. Transportation and transport manufacturing generated over £109 billion added value for the UK in 2019...

Cyber Security

UK organizations detailed an assault or break during 2020. In this manner, it's important that associations pay attention to network safety and put resources into cutting edge gauges that broaden well past customary border guards (firewalls and against infection). That is the place where Innoviz can help. Our cutting edge oversaw network safety administrations are intended to help you distinguish, relieve and proactively shield against security dangers and assaults.

  •  Web, software & financial security

  •  Multipurpose archiving services

  •  Information Security

  •  Business continuity services.


Internet of Things

Keen associated gadgets, pervasive remote network and versatile cloud-based figuring have made the stage for the Internet of Things (IoT). These IoT stages are empowering associations to screen, control, improve and computerize their activities in manners that were beforehand unbelievable. Also, brilliant IoT frameworks can computerize dreary and unsurprising cycles.

  •  Construct each part of your IoT arrangement

  •  Cloud administrations enhance client experience

  •  Robotization

  •  IoT administration.


We develop decentralized solutions making world trustworthy & secure place, using blockchain technology. The three flows that take place in a supply chain (Financial flow, Information flow and Inventory flow) are easily catered in a blockchain because the data is not recorded in a financial ledger therefore the dependency on particular ledgers for particular types of transactions is eliminated. Each node in the blockchain has access to the tamperproof information in real time. This will enable our clients to focus on their vision much faster.

  •  Digital Sovereign Identity

  •  Decentralized Finance

  •  Supply Chain

  •  Side Chain / On-Chain


Artificial Intelligence

We are a team of data scientists, engineers and tech consultants helping businesses adopt AI-driven solutions painlessly. We assess your technological maturity and readiness for AI-driven automation and follow you through all the stages of adopting artificial intelligence in your business operations, from analysing your use case to developing AI-driven software and ensuring its positive user buy-in.

  •  First-time AI Adoption

  •  AI Audit & Re-engineering

  •  AI Expansion

IT consulting

We'll work with you to comprehend your business objectives and desires, so we can convey a guide itemizing precisely how you can arrive. We'll tailor the sum and level of consultancy to your requirements. In this way, regardless of whether you're a SME searching for starting interview and undertaking conveyance, or an IT director with an in-house group, searching for additional aptitude and asset or direction at a strategic level, we can help.
We follow a consistent four stage IT consultancy cycle to ensure you are given all the data, help and backing you need.

  •  Application Development

  •  IT Support & Maintenance

  •  Cloud Services

  •  Amazon Web Services - AWS


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A Strategic Look at Cloud Storage

Most organizations know that hybrid cloud’s many benefits extend far beyond financial factors. Agility, flexibility and scalability are just some of the most attractive features of hybrid cloud...


What is blockchain?

Blockchain sounds like a way to keep boats anchored, which isn't a bad analogy, considering what the technology purports to do...

02 February 2021


Cybersecurity risks

The Sunburst attack uncovered in December 2020 illustrates the magnitude of the cybersecurity challenge. Hackers were able to breach some of the United States...


Consumers are driving—and accelerating—the pace of change in health care. Their needs and goals are driving innovation in health-related products, services, and tools. Their preferences are driving the development of digitally enabled, on-demand, and seamlessly connected clinician-patient interactions. Their demands are driving the transition to patient-centric care delivery across geographies and socio-economic groups. Innoviz provides new digital tools and services which have the potential to increase consumer satisfaction, improve medication adherence, and help consumers track and monitor their health. Also, provide a modernised solutions to Healthcare Systems – Public , Private and Mixed

  •  Clinical Trials & Medical Equipment

  •  Advanced Surgical Appliances & Supplies

  •  Telemedicine

  •  Health Insurance

  •  Blood and Organ Banks


Life Science

Digital transformation can help individual health care organizations and the wider health ecosystem improve ways of working, expand access to services, and deliver a more effective patient and clinician experience. Innoviz cares about patients and has a meaningful impact on care. As there is an opportunity to advance microsurgical treatment options with an innovative robotic platform, the company has made it a reality with the new generation of materials and manufacturing processes that make wristed micro-surgical instruments possible. These hi-tech AI precision robots are used in the field of medicine to perform surgeries with high levels of precision and help patients live a normal life

  •  Virtual Care Delivery

  •  Robotisation of Medical Equipments

  •  Medical Data Cloud Computing

  •  Relfin Collaborative Robot

  •  Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotome

News, Media Releases & Insights

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Google & Microsoft Boosts Healthcare

More and more fortune 500 companies are showing their interests genomics, bioinformatics and precision medicine and hospitals IT shops. Technology giants around the world in particular are investing in precision medicine...

Life Science

Thinking Differently Together

The size and scale of health and care organisations and collaborations means they can positively influence the health and wellbeing of communities in many ways beyond providing health and care services...

06 September 2021


Biotech hot spots in a European

European biotechs have established a position of strength from which to enter the industry’s next act. Over the past three years, Europe’s biotech industry has made meaningful progress on attracting capital and bringing products to market...